Pricing + Services


From basic piano tuning to safely moving your piano, we provide a full range of piano services. 

Basic Tuning

$110.00 plus tax for customers within a 25-mile radius of Caldwell, Texas.

Tuning Club discount

Join our Tuning Club! We offer the option of regular, scheduled tunings at a reduced rate for those clients who will have their piano tuned two or more times a year. 

One piano (two tunings/year) - $100 per visit

Two to three pianos tuned/year - $94 per visit

Three or more pianos tuned/year - $90 per visit


Cost of a Pitch raise?

A Pitch Raise ranges from $50 to $75, depending on the number of tuning passes required.



Repairs range in price depending on the extent of repairs required and the parts needing to be replaced. 

Labor only - $45/hr. plus tax



Piano Storage -  $60/mo. plus tax

Moving your piano

Upright pianos (pianos which have the soundboard parallel to the wall (think "bookcase-like"): 

  • Spinet (back of the piano is 4ft tall) - $150       
  • Console (back of the piano is 4.5- 5ft tall) - $175  
  • Studio (back of piano is 5.5- 6ft tall) - $195       
  • Large Player Uprights - $225

Grand Piano (pianos which have the soundboard parallel to the floor ( think "table top like"):

  • Baby Grand (4.5ft-5ft long)- $200
  • Small Grand (5.5-6ft long)- $225
  • Grand (6.5- 7ft long)-$250
  • Concert Grand (9ft long)- $280
  • Square Grand ("pool table like")- $300

Additional Costs:

  • Ramps (needed for steps) - $25-$100
  • Uneven Ground - $25
  • Mileage - $2.00 per mile one-way
  • Organ $325

NOTE:  We ONLY do FIRST FLOOR moves.                 NO moves from a SECOND STORY.



Appraisals for repairs - free

Appraisals for Insurance- $30 plus tax

Appraisals prior to sale- $30 plus tax


New Customer Perk

As a new customer, you'll receive a free cleaning and lubrication of you entire piano at your first service.